Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Break Sail Trip & Olivias 10th bday

Olivia's birthday is during the school calendar spring break this year. Jeff took some time off work, and we headed out on a sailing trip.  The weather is flukey this time of year and we changed our plans right up until the last minute seeing which way the wind would blow us. :)
Turned out to be another Maui trip.
Jeff posted a video of the trip on his facebook page:
We left Sand Island Ke'ehi Small Boat Harbor on Tuesday morning headed to Manele Bay, Lanai.
It was a little rough in the Kiawe channel (as expected) and we decided to spend a mostly sunny day relaxing on the shore on Lanai.  The girls and I spent several fascinating hours staring into tide pools. (but I didn't bring my camera... sorry)
On Thursday, Olivia's 10th !!! birthday, we headed over to Maui, with plans to spend the afternoon & night at a beach resort... what a treat!
The winds were light and the boat speed was appropriate for trolling along the coast.  We didn't hook up this time, but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks, Dad for the great rig!

The girls spent a great day in the amazing resort pools, taking warm showers, watching movies in bed, and even a game of night-time lazer tag down on the lawn.
Friday forecast was for light winds, Saturday was for rain & frontal winds. So we left Lahaina, Maui early on Friday planning to make it all the way back (90 miles) back to O'ahu by dark. (And we did!!)
We got to see lots of humpback whale activity on our way between the islands.  most of the spouts and display activity happens closer to shore (which I found a little surprising) but out in the open (where we were sailing) we saw mothers with their calves and the daddy-guardian-escort.

in between the islands we could even hear them! it was amazing!

on the adjacent dock in Lanai we met another couple and their guests who had come over on their live-aboard cruiser from Honolulu. They also planned to return to O'ahu on Friday, and we actually crossed paths out in the channel!
I took this picture of them.

 and they sent this picture of us.
Camila asked Jeff why their boat rocked SO MUCH...
 haha, kid! That's why your dad chose a multi-hull!! LOL
Both girls spent time steering the boat, and helping out with the sailing -- we've all come a long way learning how to sail this sweet KaiMana in these waters.
Happy double digits to this beautiful big girl!

Febuary and March

Some miscellaneous fun from Feb & March
Emily got in a couple hikes with her mama-neighbor-friends
We participate in the monthly 808 Clean-Up at our local beach park
and hang around after...

Camila started spring soccer...

Olivia joined Girls on the Run & is training a couple times a week for a 5K in April at another elementary school in town.  This is my view while she runs laps in the rain. 

or we hang out at the local dog park. 

The girls get to chat with K & M sometimes. Look at these beautiful friends!
and play at the park with new friends

Olivia is still writing stories to share and for herself

and messing with Jupiter.
awww... so happy!!

Lemon Sharks Spring Soccer Picture Day

Jeff volunteered to coach Camila's AYSO soccer team again this season. These girls are a great team and we are all so lucky to have Kristine co-coaching. They are building skills, and having a great time. (and as of today, half-way through the season, they are undefeated!! whoop-whoop!)
Camila really loves having her Daddy out there playing with her.

Here's why we chose AYSO: Jeff's coaching t-shirt sums it up!
ALL players play
All parents cheer
the referees ref
and the coaches coach

We love spending our time with these fun girls and their families!


Student Led Peace & Kindness Rally

Olivia became aware of the nation-wide student walk-outs that were planned for March 14 (one month after the shooting at a high school in Parkland FL).
She brought home this letter from the Hawai'i State DOE that encouraged schools to provide a safe on-campus place for students to gather, and expressed interest in students ideas about safety, security, and culture on their campus.
Olivia asked me if her school was participating. I urged her to ask her student council representative.
She did, and they encouraged her to make a proposal and called a special meeting. She did some research, and proposed a few ideas and the student council voted to take it to admin & admin approved! (with some input, of course!)
Here is student council with Olivia and her principal.

As this is an elementary school, they choose not to participate in the #enough events that specifically addressed Gun Violence Prevention, but choose to focus instead on a message of inclusion and kindness. Where you just can't go wrong.
Here is a copy of her speech.

I am so proud of my daughter. I am so proud of her school admin for their support and facilitation.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Grammy and Grampy Visit Feb 2018

We were thrilled to have Grammy & Grampy King come visit us in Hawai'i in February.
Jim and Leslie Anne travelled cross-country via Amtrak then flew to Honolulu from San Francisco. When they got here they joined in all our daily activities and got familiar with our current laid back lifestyle and funky local neighborhood.
We spent a long charming, informative and entertaining day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, the weather was a little rainy, but no sunburns! We learned customs, greetings, dances, contests and games of the islands of Samoa, Tahiti, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Tonga, Fiji, Hawai'i. We enjoyed a Luau with stories, music and dancing. And a marvelous performance of their original show,  “Hā: Breath of Life” Which we all LOVED!
On Chinese New Year we visited the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor and in addition to the shot-up hanger windows, and lots and lots of really cool aircraft, we got to see the Lion Dance used to blessed the hangars and protect them from evil spirits with loud drums and offerings.
We all went to Camila's and Jeff's first soccer practice and game and had a great time there.

We spent hours on the lanai, reading, talking, snacking, and practicing ukulele.


And we even got a chance to take KaiMana out on the water!
cruising on the south shore of O'ahu, Diamond Head in the background

(look! no socks!)


We got to sail out of the harbor with the University of Hawai'i sailors on the Hikianalia !  We sailed down in front of the house to wave at Mom and the girls. What a beautiful day.  We even saw a whale on the way back into harbor (sadly no pictures)!