Thursday, October 10, 2013

MOMS Club of Patterson, Emergency Services Appreciation Picnic

MOMS Club held a appreciation picnic for our local emergency services personnel. It was a fun event for everyone. 

The fire department (yes, that's Firefighter Josh from Liv's b-day party) built this fun prop especially for our event! How Cool!!

A terrific lunch was shared.

we got to watch a fun and informative K-9 demonstration

and mess around with their cool stuff. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Diablo Grande Kids Bike Ride

A pack of Diablo Grande kiddos got together for an after-school bike ride and snack. 

Everyone had a great time, we didn't even open the box of bandaids!
Between the parents and children we devoured 2 bags of Oreos, a bag of apples and a bag of nectarines!

We're looking forward to the next neighborhood events! 

A Couple Recent Hikes

cutest explorer ever! 

then on another occasion Olivia joined Jody and I on a hike out the back door. 

Olivia caputuring ther memories in her journal

and with a camera

Here is what she chose: 
 (water treatment facility in the valley below)

(an unusual tree - we almost exclusively see the blue oaks)

(and holding very steady with full zoom, a nearby ranch)

At one point on our rambling... we spotted a deer antler. Then we had our eyes peeled for more... and can you believe it?! nearly 1/2 mile later... we found another... THE MATCH. whoa. 

Many weeks ago the girls and I went for a hike in a neighboring canyon.

I love these kids! 

Dress Up Play Riding Unicorns

There is magic in the air, these day! 

 taking turns... and grooming the mane and tail.



Our Beautiful Girls

Getting bigger and bigger! 

Still Playing with Our Food

A couple recent examples where we encourage playing with our food.

We had a family pirate movie night and enjoyed jolly roger pizza bread and pirate booty snack mix... goofy and fun.

Camila enjoyed cutting her quesadilla first to make a space for the salsa bowl. then into more shapes. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013